We do not harm the most precious thing and we realize that nature must be protected.

Since 2005 we have had all the necessar PE film recycling permissions and we one of companies that make a significant contribution to clean environment.

We focus mainly on recycling and collection of separated waste which needs to be sorted and processed in a more demanding way. Waste film is delivered mainly by cities and villages, but also by our business partners who are interested in the environment.


Thanks to modern technologies we can recycle up to 220 tons of waste film per month.

The technology we use for recycling is being innovated and upgraded on a long term basis to achieve the most optimal results. We invest in machines designed for perfect sorting of waste plastics, which makes it possible to process the worse sortable waste film. We launched the optical sorting line into service, becoming one of the few companies in the world that uses this advanced technology to sort PE films.

The primary product of recycling is LDPE regranulate, a semi-product ready for the production of new products. Regranulate produced in our recycling plant, as well as products made from it, belongs to the top quality in the Slovak market.