MAT - obaly symbolizes flexibility, highest quality, reliability, professional approach and fair recycling. Flexibility of product manufacturing according to customer´s specific requirements, quality and reliability of product deliveries to domestic and foreign partners and environmental protection by fair recycling of packaging.

Top quality

Team of professionals takes care of the highest quality of products.

years of experience

Quarter-century of work, thousands of satisfied customers.

We are here for you

Individual needs of a client are our priority.

We guarantee comfort

Project, realization, service, production and delivery - we'll take care of everything.

Nature friendly

We do not harm the most precious and we fairly recycle our packaging as well as packaging of different companies.

Company MAT-obaly, s.r.o. was established in 2000 in the basis of Dušan Matejka´s company - MAT which has been on the market since 1992. From the beginning we focus on production and wholesale of packaging materials, specializing in the production of LDPE and HDPE packaging. Since 2005 we have been running a recycling and plastic production plant in Handlová. Our main product is film made of recycled as well as primary material, and the production of bags for waste bins. In addition, we also run a retail store where we deliver products according to specific customer´s requirements, even in small-scale production.

Thanks to a wide range of machinery, high flexibility of the manufacturing process and professional approach of our employees, we deliver our products to almost every industry, from automotive to food industry, engineering to retail shops. We are in particular also successful with foreign partners from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany and Switzerland. Our goal is not to sell products at any cost. We want to build long-term relationships with customers and deliver high-quality products and professional services. Our added value is our interest in the environment and nature.