The plastic LDPE regranulate is the latest level in the environmental recycling of waste films. It is made from waste films, which are collected mainly from the territory of Slovakia, but also from abroad. The collected fimls are cleaned, fairly sorted and heat-treated to a plastic melt. At our Handlov√° production plant, the PE film is first sorted by hand and then finally sorted with the use of top technology to ensure perfect cleanliness of the input material. Based on many years of experience, our plant produces different types of LDPE film according to our own recipes, making it the ultimate product of the highest quality. The amount of produced material in our plant is 220 tons per month.

Waht chracterizes our product:

  • Films blowing from 0,028 do 0,170 mm whitour mixing other fypes of granulates
  • possiblity of colouring: transparent, blue, black, yellow, red, green
  • the MFI is from 0,4 tol 1,1
  • possibility to re - recycle the finished product
  • conservation of natural savings

We have R3 recycling permint. The resolution of the Ministry of the Enviroment, as well as the waste catalouge authorizes us to recycle, can be found in the section ABOUT US.